Building New Spells with Abstraction and Distillation

Anybody built new regular-sorcery spells lately? Did you use the Abstraction/Distillation system or eyeball the Ob and Resources cost of a spell by comparing to other published Mannish spells?

I can’t remember what all has changed in Sorcery since Magic Burner.

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I’d be interested in this as well!

Here’s some very draft work.

War Never Changes:

Causes the recently fallen to rise again and fight on your side.

Element Anima: Ob 5, 5 Actions

Impeti: Control Ob 5, 16 Actions AND Transmute (Anima to Earth: 1+3, 25 actions)

Origin: Sight: Ob 4, Actions 4


  • Sustained: Ob 2, Actions 2
  • Exchanges: Ob 2, Actions 6

Area of Effect:

  • Single Target: Ob 1, Actions 2
  • Tens of Paces: Ob 4, Actions 6


  • Single target, sustained: 5 Ob, 14 Actions, 10 Resource Points
  • 10 Paces with cap (all in that area, extra successes don’t help), sustained: 7 Ob, 16 Actions, 14 Resource Points
  • Exchange(s), 10s of Paces, extras successes go to either, drawback that they will attack you if they can get to you: 7^ Ob, 18 Actions, 28 Resources Points

Fierce Defender:

Leashes a human soul to a beast, creating an intelligent warrior. Requires there to be a beast and restless dead to both be in your presence. This is usually accomplished by bringing the beast to a place of the dead. Use the beast’s physical stats, instincts, and physical skills and the soul’s mental stats and skills. The GM will provide beliefs.

If you don’t already have a restless dead handy (example: one bound via a summoner or circination), roll a Die of Fate to see if any are around. If there are none, the spell automatically fails and Sorcery spell failure rules are invoked.

Restless dead are found on a DoF result of:

  • 3+: Places littered with dead (e.g. battlefields, crypts, graveyards)
  • 4+: Places with tales of sorrow (e.g. cities, noble courts, dungeons, places of disaster)
  • 5+: Places commonly containing people (villages, outposts, farms)
  • 6+: The wilds

Elements: Anima: Ob 5, 5 Actions

Impeti: Control Ob 5, 16 AND Enhance Ob 4, 12 Actions

Origin: Presence: Ob 2, 2 Actions


  • Sustained: Ob 2, 2 Actions
  • Hours: Ob 4, 12 Actions
  • Days: Ob 5, 24 Actions

Area of Effect: Single Target Ob 1, 2 Actions


  • Sustained, animal attacks when sustain breaks: 4 Ob, 11 Actions, 8 Resource Points
  • Sustained: 5 Ob, 11 Actions, 10 Resource Points
  • Days^: 6 Ob, 16 Actions, 24 Resource Points
  • Months
  • Years

Sent Servant:

As “Spirit Servant” (p 220) but can do the commands away from the caster.

  • Ob 4
  • 500 actions
  • Origin: Presence
  • Element: Arcana/Earth
  • Duration: Sustained
  • Area of Effect: Single Target
  • Impetus: Control
  • Resource Points: 8
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