Burners going Gold?


I’m new to The Burning Wheel and I’m just reading the first chapters at the moment. But I wondered if the other Burner Books are going gold also?

From what I remember from other threads, it depends on the sales of BWG. Given that they sold half their first print run in a month, that’s a good sign. :slight_smile:

The differences are readily surmountable. Stride in combat is easily converted. The only thing it’s been established is completely incompatible is the Abstraction system from the Magic Burner - and that is one magic system of at least seven introduced in that book.

I wouldn’t let those two differences dissuade you from getting a Burner you want. I was concerned too, but I don’t think my worries were justified.

It doesn’t seem so easy to convert stride for monsters though, as we haven’t been given definately guidelines for that yet.

Well you can take the speed multiplier, find a monster with the same or similar that has been translated (horse, man, dwarf, elf, wolf, etc.) and use that. However I’d bet that Luke has some list somewhere that he used to generate the new strides.

Right. Works for lots of the baddies from the MoBu. Just not all.