Burning Blood

The sketch outline I have put forward to get some friends to play is a rural Barony, an area that includes village and lands around his keep.
The PC’s build young PC’s to suit this environment and life-paths that would lead them there in 3-4 steps.

Men built great Kingdoms. They were over-run by Elves and their Dragon mounts. The Sun god saw men suffer and took mortal form, turning the power of fire against the Dragons and their masters, wiping them from the land. He led his followers through the kingdoms centuries ago, and united the kingdoms in a mighty empire, giving his chosen emissaries and children the power of fire to control as their own before he re-ascended and took his throne atop the world again.

Limits include:
Magic is either:

  1. Pyromancy that is the exclusive hereditary domain of noble families and the dominant church [peopled by excess noble sons and daughters].

  2. Branded as evil & demonic in influence by the ruling families [This includes “Shamanism”/Spirit Binding].

    To this effect some extra traits exists for those ‘Born Noble’, or with the ‘Bastard’ trait:
    “Fire-blood Inheritor” opens up Pyromancy as a Sorcerous skill for the PC for free.
    “Temple Trained” allows a character to use Abstraction for Pyromancy as they study the subtleties of fire. The Solar Temple produce the best Pyromancers in the empire.

Pyromancy is a limited version of Sorcery. Pyromancers may only produce magic the covers the element of fire, even if they botch a casting roll and produce a Garbled Transmission result. Unwanted Summonings also cannot occur from Botched rolls.


What about unwanted summonings of fire creatures? I don’t think you want to limit your ability to create havoc when rolls go bad, and plagues of fire locusts, or elemental fire-beasts seem too good to pass up.

How does one turn fire against dragons, themselves creatures of fire?

I imagine the official church doctrine says with White Shade Pyromancy.