Burning Empires UPDATE

Ok, I just heard back from the printer about our schedule. He’s saying we’ll have books at the beginning of August. That means that preorders probably won’t ship until after Gencon. I know, it sucks. But it’s prolly the truth. If we get them in time, I’ll try to ship them out before Gencon. But I can’t guarantee that. It’s a crazy time of year.

I also know it’s crazy that some punk at Gencon might get the book before you get yours, but let’s review the preorder offers that he won’t be getting!

All preorders are limited edition/time offers. All preorders will be signed and numbered by ME.

Basic deal: Book + PDF priced cheaper than what the book will retail for.

Illustrated Book (+PDF): Moeller draws a character sketch in your book. There’s only going to be 40 of these. They will be numbers 001-040 of the preorders. Expensive, but probably worth it.

Book+PDF+Limited Edition T-Shirt: full color Cotar Fomas logo on the front, river of fire quote on the back. I’m only making enough of these to fill the preorders. After that, no more!

Book+PDF+Signed Art Print of the Cover: Chris has agreed to sign a bunch of the covers/posters. We’ll have prints on nice paper.

Book+PDF+Comics: This one is iffy, but I’m going to try to arrange to get a hoard of the graphic novels and sell them along with the game. This offer may extend until after the book is officially released.

Also, given how much time we have to wait (grumble), I think I’m going to push back the preorder go date to June 1st. It’ll give me more time to get everything set up. And it’ll be less waiting for you! (sort of)

All preorders will get a complete pdf copy of the game AFTER the preorder period has ended. We love pdf pirates, we just want them to wait. Currently, the pdf is 60 mb, so make room!

Also, the prints, comics and tshirts will probably ship BEFORE the books. So you can look cool while you digest your pdf.

thanks for your interest,

Ah crappers, I just ordered those two books earlier today from Mile High Comics. Oh well, I’m still hoping to pick up my copy of BE at Gen Con. Do you think Chris will be at Gen Con with you, Luke?

Chris will be signing copies of the books with us at Gencon.


How about Illustrated Book+PDF+T-Shirt? :wink:

How about Ob 11 Resources Test to get this pre-ordered? :wink:

How about Ob 11 Resources Test to get this pre-ordered? ;)[/quote]
I’d like to make a linked test using my Grey Whining.

OK You can have that one extra die, now roll! :slight_smile:

So, say your “some punk” at GenCon who has placed a pre-order and signed up for one of the Burning Empires games being ran at said convention…

Would it be possible to get your brand-spanking new beautiful copy of the game at the table? Cause that would rock.


Also kiss all exponent shades goodbye. 8)

Hmmm…I think that could be arranged (yes abzu, that means I just volunteered).

Excellent! My thanks!

Excellent! My thanks![/quote]

note that Drozdal did not tell you what his “price” will be.

(ie: bring cucumbers in brine)

are you saying he wants to be Pegboy for the day?

Only if you bring your Yaht with you to GenCon :wink:
BTW noone should joke about “cucumbers in brine!” :evil:

there should be a pre-order that includes some “Vaylen in Brine”!

or at least a can of them at the Gen Con booth.

What the fuck are you two doing? Take this shit to Nerd or to the Simple Life forums

sorry, dude.

people - PRE-ORDERS ARE FUCKING SWEET. the PDF will tide you through Gen Con.

you will be playing the game with your swag… while others are standing in line at the Forge Booth wondering what the awesome is all about.

also, for folks who go to gencon - your reading of the PDF will give you the advantage to pwn Thor and Abzu in the demo scenario.

you were a little TOO handy with those Simple Life forums, Abzu…

Excellent! My thanks![/quote]



Me, too! I’m in that game, and I’ll be pre-ordering the fuck out of that book! Hell, I even have to drive there with the TimP.


P.S. And abzu, I didn’t mention “pegboy” even once in THIS thread.


These are great packages Luke. And I love that you are including the PDFs.

Any idea what the 001-040 books will cost? I really don’t see myself settling for anything less.