Burning Empires/Wheel Inspiration

This is a question specifically directed at Luke.

I read Burning Wheel, and I thought it was cool. Then I picked up Iron Empires, and thought it was really cool. Following the trail I found a note that Iron Empires was being developed into an RPG, probably two years old, tres cool. After that I managed to pickup a scent from a later rumor that it was going to be Burning Empires, written by the same designer that brought us Burning Wheel, way cool.

The imagery in Burning Wheel is intense, to say the least. When I read Iron Empires and saw how similarly intense the concept of the burning wheel was, I couldn’t decide on my favorite interpretation of those two similarities.

Luke, I wanted to ask you, was Burning Wheel a prototype for Burning Empires? If I were the author of a kick-ass hard sci-fi comic book that someone wanted to adapt into an RPG, Burning Wheel would come across as a great proof of concept. At the same time, it also might just be that you were inspired by Moeller’s work while you were working on Burning Wheel, and that element is expressed in your earlier work.

Please, if you could, tell me where those similarities started? What seed did they grow from?


A fan.

I was a fan of the Iron Empires from the moment it was released. Burning Wheel was in development (in another form) right around the same time. Chris and I didn’t decide to work together until the fall of 2005 when I contacted him and asked him if he needed help with the Iron Empires RPG.

That’s the short answer.

The long answer can be found here:

That’s pretty awesome. Did you pick the Burning Wheel as the icon for BW because of your experiences with IE, or was it something already rolling around in your head at that time?

Also, I have previously read your making of article for BE, that was actually one of the things that convinced me to buy the finished product. I love reading development diaries like that, and I’m very happy that you and yours did one. We need more stuff like that in general.

Seconded. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll being getting a diary and maybe a subforum or two for that new project…

EDIT: actually, rereading the BE diaries, I wonder what the “backburner” project was that Thor mentions in the first diary. It can’t be this year’s project since chronologically, Fourth Horsemen proposed that later on, if not radically misreading things.

I don’t have any time to do journal entries or diaries or anything like that. I also find them counterproductive. If you all were privvy to the chaos at BWHQ, I think you’d be a lot less happy in general. I’m going to continue dedicating my time to the forums, writing and conventions. Though we will, of course, continue to experiment with some stuff as we go forward.