Burning Empires

I just have to say… WOW. :shock: I’m assuming the book will be full-color?

Dang preorder page not up yet! :slight_smile:

Hard cover, full color, full bleed, 656 pages. Complete game in one volume.


I… I’m going to need a moist towelette.


This is not a coffee table book. This is a Burning Wheel book.

I should also mention that there are 400 pieces of art in the book. Half of them are sketches, half of them are full color pieces.


How about a coffee-table sized book, for those of us that don’t want something thicker than it is wide? :wink:

This is big time.

I take it Burning Wheel/BWHQ is now poised for (well-deserved) world domination?

You mean “some assembly requied” version? :wink:

How about you and your foofy friends go play Nobilis?

You mean “some assembly requied” version? :wink:[/quote]

i’m sure that Alexander is creating a coffee table size template at this very moment.

Nah, I’m working on a Second Life avatar of Faith’s iron:


you should build a costume for Gencon - you are already corvus!


(just don’t dress as lady kate).

I got in touch with a friend who does theatrical and film cosmetics to look at getting a crucis prosthetic… but got distracted, and it’s probably not going to happen. Maybe another tattoo, though.

also, paint senkowski green in his sleep.

My husband’s PDF copy of Burning Empires became downloadable last night and I had a chance to go through it a bit. I’m taking the liberty of repeating here what I posted on RPGnet about it, because I thought it might be of interest to forum members.

At first flip-through, it’s a high-quality book. I’m still not sold on the system, but there’s no doubt that this is a quality product. And 656 frickin’ pages! A few details on the easy stuff you can take in at first run-through:

Art: Awesome, as expected. Mostly material from the comics, of course, but new stuff as well (or at least new to me). Also, Lady Sheva makes the cover, yay Ahmi! :slight_smile:

Layout: Elegant, clean, legible, attractive. (The bookmarks are a bit screwed up in the PDF, but it’s a minor item. They’re there and accessible, but the appendix bookmarks unravel.)

Little Extras: Includes a detailed index (thank God!) and a character sheet, a list of names, a lexicon, extensive references and bibliography, a musicography, etc.

Rules: As promised, it’s standalone with all the rules you need including the Alien Life-Form Burner, Technology Burner, and World Burner. Plus all the rules for Iron, of course.

Setting: We (or at least I) learn lots of things about the Iron Empires. If you like the comic, it’s a good sourcebook; however, the system and setting materials are imbricated and interlocked, which may or may not suit your style.

Useful GM Advice: Lots. How to build and pace a challenge, a scene, a story, a campaign. How to hook characters into the story, how to set the tone. And so on.

Hey Sophie! Now I definitely owe the Monday night group a BE or BW one shot!

Not so fast.

That happens to be Lady Kate. Note the absence of the Bright Mark.

That would be great. To be honest, the system itself is not gelling for me at all, but I love the Iron Empires setting. Playing an actual game would certainly help me grasp the whole thing.

The cover on the PDF we got shows this character (clipped headshot below), with the Bright Mark. Does anyone know if there are variant covers? That would be in theme for comics!

You are correct, that’s the front page for the pdf. It is not the cover of the book.



What is this thing you guys have created? It’s not a roleplaying game. At least, I don’t think it is. There’s some sort of paradigm shift going on here, though I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Science-fiction story simulator?

Bad-assed sci-fi/role-playing/strategy/political/tactical/war/resources game?
What IS it?

I know it’s a thing of beauty. And I cannot WAIT to play. To dig in. To explore and to create.



I’m glad you like it, but you’re not the first person to say this. Not a roleplaying game? If Burning Empires isn’t a roleplaying game, I want to know what the hell a roleplaying game is?!