Burning THAC0 Halflings (or Hobbits in a LotR campaign)?

Yah, the Hobbit protagonists had balls of steel, but otherwise I don’t think mo st Hobbits deserve a break on Steel. Perhaps a make that a family trait for Tooks.

Adventurous Heart [C-O Trait] The blood of the Great Took flows through your veins. While this adventurous streak can get you into trouble, it is also a call on for Steel.

Well, I’m definitely off the fence about the Steel bit. Consider it excised.

Yeah, the thing you have to remember with hobbits is that Bilbo, Frodo, Sam et al. is that they were all exceptions to the rule. Bilbo was looked down upon in hobbit society for his “Tookishness”; that is, his curiosity about the outside world and his desire to see and interact with it. For most hobbits a late afternoon walk in the Woody End and a nice supper was plenty enough adventure, thank you very much. The hobbits we see in the books are seen entirely because they’re not typical hobbits.

Tookishness - That’s the name I wanted for that trait. Perfect.