[burning thac0] Stirges

After getting hold of BWG (finally) I’m trying to prep some one-shots, mostly aimed at con gaming, of BW based on some of the low-level classic AD&D modules (The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh being the most likely to come to fruition). I was all set to use the Monster Burner to come up with some BW Stirges, when I thought that somebody must have tried to do this before.

So, anyone tackled this classic level 1 monster, saving me a job? If you haven’t, any tips?

Ask and ye shall receive

Maybe not exactly what your looking for :wink:

wow, thanks! I had a moment of doubt where I thought they might be non-SRD, and was thinking of replacing them with those flying-big-ear-disembodied heads from Runequest (what the hell were they called?) but those look exactly like I was looking for! Knew somebody would’ve tried the same thing before - I’ll let you know how it goes, noclue!

Just wanted to say that I used those stats for the striges in our game session tonight, and the game went beautifully. They were a bit easy to kill though, with the low PTGS, but it seemed realistic enough. The low Power made them a bit wimpy with Brawling though.

I changed their method of reproduction for our game. Once inseminated by a human male, they lay their egg inside a human female. Yeah, not going into specifics on that one… This worked perfectly for our story though, and there happened to be a couple females accompanying the PCs on their journey…

I burned up their human succubi form. Here are the stats I gave them. Let me know what you think.

Wi 4, Pe 5, Ag 3, Sp 3, Po 3, Fo 2
Hea 4, Ref 5, Ste 6, Str 7, Hes 6
Su 2, Li 3, Mi 4, Se 5, Tr 6, MW 8
Skills: Stealthy B5, Brawling B3, Seduction B6, Observation B3, Wises as creature form
Char Traits: Blood Lust, Night Owl, Seductive, Insatiable
DT: Shapeshifter, Scheming, Mesmerizing Gaze, Dominant Procreator
C/O: Aura of Innocence, Sweet Talker, Good Listener
Weapons: Bare fists and a knife
Beliefs and Instincts same as animal form.


About them being easy to kill, that’s in homage to the way stirges appear in D&D and maybe I gimped them too much. In combat I envisioned them as being very cunning. Ambushing out of the darkness, attacking in groups and double teaming, using their screeches to terrorize. If they go toe to toe, they’re not so tough. But they know it. Man-wise and Hunting are there for forks, to up their combat effectiveness.

I like the human form, although I probably up the Po to 4. If you corner them in a fight, they might switch to human form (especially if they want to use some Seduction). They trade power for speed in avian form.

Also, I think my Wi exponent is too low for these things. If they’re going to be scaring and seducing folk, let alone attacking soldiers on battlefields full of rotting corpses, I think Wi6 makes more sense.

Raising Pow to 3 or 4 is a good idea. They couldn’t much damage with those knives. Higher Will, maybe unnecessary. Their Mesmerizing Gaze worked fine every time versus seasoned 5-lifepath PCs. If anything, I’d say Will 5, tops.

And I forgot to use the screeches in combat! I’m a bad GM when I’m hungry. Grrrr…