Burning Wheel Session Sheet

I created a one page session tracking sheet for my current game and thought others might get some use out of it.


It’s very basic, so if any of you layout wizards want to take this and make it beautiful, be my guest!

Before printing the sheet, I replace “Character 1-4”, with the character names, but I do hand write the BITs to force familiarity with them. Oh, and make sure to turn off grid-lines when printing!

A bit of explanation about the Artha section: I use this to make notes for nominations at the end of session and then record the actual awards here as well. This helps me recall those fleeting moments of humor or great role-play that might be lost by the end of the night.

I’m still tweaking the sheet, so please submit suggestions. Currently considering whether to include a line for Steel tests, Resources, Circles, and/or dices failures that don’t have immediate consequences.

Looks pretty good. Would be very useful for the sessions with longer times between to remember the last sessions BITS and artha.


The main benefits for me are:

  1. Have BITs in front of me all session to ensure that I’m challenging on them appropriately. I’m a new BW GM and want to make sure that I’m vigilant.
  2. Have a record at the end of session for awarding Artha.
  3. Have a record for days and weeks later when we’re thinking back on the game.

We’re also tracking BITs on our Obsidian Portal site. Of course we’ll see which tools stick over the longer term!

Hi! Great work! I’m currently using a slightly modified version of your sheet, here in pdf format:


Nice! I’ll print out a copy and play around with it.

Here’s the source, in case you want to modify something: