Buying Technology...

It is a slow day, so I have been going through the various rules that have been eluding me; killing time until my book comes on monday (I hope).

I am having a problem with some of the language used in describing buying technology. As I understand it, there are three (four) ways to get Technology:

  1. During Char Burning you may spend 1 Resource point for a peice of technology appropriote for your character (and it somes at the planet’s Tech Index). Ex: A Avil Lord could Buy a AT4 Iron for 1 point on a Low Index World.

  2. During Character Burning you may purcace any equipment by paying the cost of 1 Resource Point x Tech Level Multiplier (2,3,4,5) for the cost of the weapon. Note: this is normally for new tech not in the book. But I could pursumably use it to get the Iron above for a character who should not have it. (maybe his first Conflict goal will be to get an Illegal Cruis implanted because he got this Iron from a Derilict Starship he iscovered in the desert. To get the AT4 Iron above he would have to spend 3 Resource Points. 3 Res Pts x 4 (Low Tech Multi) = 12, the cost of the Armor. whoo… that was long winded.

3: In play, the same character could purcase an AT4 Iron at a Resource Test of Ob 12 (the cost of the Iron). Or could go the Build/buy route, same difference).

(4): The whole Confict/Building Scene to “aquire the armor” or something not related to the Resource Attribute.

Am I understanding the various costs and Interactions of Resources, Character Burning, and Tech Index?

Your assumptions are correct. However, true Iron costs about 60 tech resource points if you factor in all its subordinate traits. Barring that, everything’s cool.



ah… okay, I guess 12 is just for the Armor Value (on p383). Noted that Real Iron is most costly than anticpated. I guess that is why you go piece-meal.


And it gives increased power to people who choose to be Lords Pilot from the outset and makes “iron proliferation” more difficult (if not impossible).


Wouldn’t you also need Iron Trained in order to get any use out of “real” iron?

Yes, of course. And it’s also technically illegal for anyone who is not a Lord-Pilot Anvil to own anything even resembling iron.


Iron is for wimps. Real Lords-pilot fly Hammer.