BWG Backward Compatibility?

I know that it was previously stated (whether I read it on boards, or in the BWG book itself) that BWG is not designed to be backwards compatible with BWR. However, in the BWG book it mentions other books that you can go to for more information. Are we waiting for those books to be produced, or are we supposed to reference the BWR versions of them? I believe that BWG is the only book that has come out for the Gold version of the game, is that correct?

Thanks again.

BWR versions. I’ve not seen Luke commit to updating them, but I suspect eventually the MoBu and MaBu will. It’s not like they are inherently incompatible, either.

Thank you Aramis. I have no idea how much change there was from BWR to BWG. I read BWC last week. I loved some of the stuff in it, so I read the BWG PDF we have online. Then went to the game store to pick up the full book. I talked to my gaming group about it, and most of them wanted to poke the system (at the least) since a lot of what I was talking about sounded really interesting. I figured that I might want to figure out the situation on the MoBu, MaBu, and AdBu (though I don’t know how useful the last book is). I should go down to my game store and poke the books they have on the shelf.

Thanks again.

All three are useful in different ways.

MoBu gives you access to four more character stocks (Trolls, Roden, Great Spiders and Great Wolves), as well as a buttload of monsters. It also contains the tools to create your own lifepaths, traits, skills, and monsters. Luke is essentially giving you the tools to create his game. The stat blocks are almost exactly the same (weapon stuff has changed, and stride is now a thing, but i think there’s a simple equation to figure it) so despite it being the first supplement for BWR (all the way back in 2004!), it’s almost entirely BWG friendly.

MaBu has several alternate casting systems. Other people can say more, I don’t own it, and have only flipped through it. I guess Abstractions are kinda broken?

AdBu, for me, is the most useful of the three. It has three scenarios that you can use to ramp up to a campaign with, slowly getting the players’s feet wet with different elements game by game. The majority of the book, however, is dedicated to commentary from BWHQ on almost every aspect of the game. The sections on Fight! and DoW are mostly out of date (but probably still worth flipping through), but everything else is really still valid, and gives great insight from the crew who have been playing and working on the game for over a decade. An invaluable resource for any Burning Wheel GM, in my estimation.