BWG Dwarven one handed Axes

Question that will come up next session, all dwarven weapons are superior quality. What stats would you give a superior light axe? Just for reference Footman’s Axe -> Sweet Axe increases it’s VA and WS by 1 each.

Maybe dwarven axes are all 2h and they only use hammers with their dwarven shields?

Personally I’d make it VA 2 since that’s what the majority of weapons get as a bonus. Partially because +1 VA is generally better than +1 WS. The other option that I’d give is for the player to pick which one they want it to be when they buy it.

Also, Axe Bearer gets Axe and Shield Training so limiting them to one handed hammers would be weird, plus there doesn’t seem to be any superior quality one-handed hammers so you’d have the same problem.

EDIT: Looking at the Dwarven Warden from the Gift, it looks like a one-hand SQ axe in Burning Wheel Revised had the same stat profile as the BWG Sweet Axe. I don’t think the Sweet Axe changed except for the weapon speed change so maybe one-handed Dwarven axes are the same as a Sweet Axe that can’t greatstrike if you’re carrying anything in your offhand (due to the greatstrike limitation of needing to be able to put two hands on the weapon).

Give them +1 VA. But canonically, Dwarves use swords for SQ 1-h weapons.

Really? The only Dwarven lifepath that gets Sword is the Adventurer in Outcast. Axe Bearers (Both Host and Noble) and Foot Soldiers get Axe or Hammer and Shield Training.

Not my canon. THE canon.

Presumably Luke is referring to the Battle of Five Armies: