BWG Online Character Sheet "The Scribe" v1.0

Love this!

I noticed one mistake, if you haven’t caught it already: Resources in the statblock pulls from Reflexes. B12 in “Formulas” refers to C12/D12 in “Stats & Attributes” when it should be C13/D13.

Keep up the great work!

Waaa! OK, that’s a big one. Thanks for pointing it out!

Another thing in formulas. In the formula for Circles advancement, it’s referencing D15 (Mortal Wound) Instead of D14 (Circles). As such, my requirements for advancement of Circles are a bit overwhelming. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just noticed this one as well. Is that something I can fix or once you fix it my sheet gets updated as well?

Hey Daniel,
I fixed both the errors mentioned here myself on the sheets of my players: you need to go to the last sheet in the gdoc and locate the cell. You might have to click “View -> Formula Bar”.

Hi all,

I’ll try and fix those problems and get a new sheet up ASAP. Sorry, I’ve been busy and haven’t been frequenting the forums for a while here. I forgot!

Alright, Version 1.2 is now live. Note that the “choose a template page” still hasn’t registered the new name yet, but that clicking on the V1.1 link actually does open up the V1.2 spreadsheet.

Although I’ve noticed various formatting errors, only two changes were made for V1.2: the exponent and advancement formula for Resources was fixed, and the advancement formula for Circles was fixed (something I noticed just now!). These two errors were real doozies, so I figured it’d be best to fix them and release them immediately. V1.3 will hopefully come soon, with tweaked formatting, though probably not any additional content yet.

And NO, V1.2 will NOT update existing sheets! You’ll have to fix the bad cells yourselves for existing sheets, or copy over your info to a new sheet. Sorry! If you want to do it yourself though, it’s easy. Here’s what you do:

  1. Open the “Formulas” sheet, on the far right. If you can’t see this sheet, click “View” in the menu bar, and select “Hidden Sheets --> Formulas”.

  2. Insert the following code into cell B12: =CONCATENATE(‘Stats & Attributes’!C13,‘Stats & Attributes’!D13)

  3. Insert the following code into cell C12: =VLOOKUP(‘Stats & Attributes’!D13, SkillTests, 2)

  4. Insert the following code into cell C13: =VLOOKUP(‘Stats & Attributes’!D14, SkillTests, 2)

You’re done!

And sorry again for the delay! I didn’t realize I had 121 people using my template. O.O I just got busy IRL, working two jobs and whatnot.

Hmm, just realized it returns an error for advancement of Resources exponent 0. Which makes sense, of course, but it looks fugly on-screen. Anyways, will work on that one for V1.3

Very Nice.

I noted a mistake, you have Reflexes down as something that can advance via test rather then via stat.

Also when you put Greed into the Emotional Attributes the normal progression comes up rather than the special Greed progression (which I suppose is kinda a mistake but more like a nitpick).


It would be nice to have somewhere to track wounds and the wound penalties.

Ack! Another overlooked mistake. Thanks! I can’t believe I missed that one for so long…

I noticed the problem with Greed advancement a while ago. Ancestral Taint (from MoBu) also has this same problem. It’s tricky to fix though. I wish Google Docs supported lists like Excel does. Anyways, yeah, it will be fixed eventually. It’s something I keep remembering, pondering over, and promptly forgetting again. I think I might eventually incorporate a new “control panel” sheet, which will allow for all sorts of tweaking. But when I think of how it should be done, I keep wishing I could sheet up a full-on character burner that ties directly into the character records – and if I were to do this, I think I would rather start from scratch and design a fresh new workbook.

A place to put wound penalties: noted, and will be incorporated into a future revision. I didn’t think of that either!

So I just stumbled across this, and it is by far the best thing I could have found. I’m running a BWG game over google hangouts, and having a sheet that the player and I can both edit on the fly while I teach my players the game is going to be really helpful! It will work really well with this:!

Google docs have gotten better in the last year or so, maybe it supports more stuff now? Would love to see it get even further improved!

This is awesome, thanks for making it!
In the next update can you have the Emotional Attributes pulled to the Statblock tab? I was looking everywhere for my Steel earlier today.