As additional incentive for mixed-revision groups to upgrade, I propose (wholly lightheartedly):

All BWG Fight, Range & Cover, and Duel of Wits actions get +1D when scripted against their BWR counterparts.


You’re going to reward having has the last edition, or … otherwise, you’re going to penalize one who does not?

At our table there are 4 players: two gold and two revised.

For now we continue with revised, change is being studied and is pobable we do, but definitely not going to penalize anyone.

No, this was a joke. :slight_smile: The silly idea is that some people would be still playing with BWR and others would be using the BWG rules. So when someone makes a BWG Rebuttal against a BWR point, the Rebuttal’s at +1D.

Hmmm… As an expat in Korea, I have friends from all over the world. We like to play pool at the bars, but different countries have all different rules for 8-ball. (British rules are the hardest, followed by N. American. Most other countries play a cheesy easy version of 8-ball.) So, this leaves us bickering over the rules before the start of each game. What I did was I made a new international 8-ball rule: everybody plays by the rules of their own country. It works great; the Brits have to call every shot, while the Koreans can fluke away, etc. Nobody complains, as they’re all using the rules they’re most comfortable with.

I could see this working well enough with BW Revised vs Gold. Every player uses the rules they have the book for. In some cases, this will benefit the Revised folks (Perception tests are open-ended! Will adds to Sorcery tests!), and in others it will benefit the Gold players (They’ve got skills Revised characters can’t even access! Sorcery is easier to advance!). In cases where mixing the rules would cause great confusion (ie. Fight!), use the Gold edition rules. In this way, the Revised players can slowly sample content from the Gold edition, and they’ll likely buy their own copy soon enough.

However, don’t penalize the Revised players. They’ll be at enough of a disadvantage anyways!

Think it’d work? Of course it’d be chaotic. But that’s the point, really.

I think it would be fair! I think both versions can coexist quite well in that way.