Calculating Resources

Just a quick question: starting Resources during character burning is all the resource points spent on property, reputations, and affiliations divided by 15, rounded down. Are reputations/affiliations derived from traits (that is, were not bought with resource points) factored into this?

I imagine that the answer is “no”, because resources ought to come from resource points, dammit! But I can easily see the argument that resources should be derived from all contributing factors. For example, born noble grants a 1D affiliations with nobility because of mark of privilege. Doesn’t it make sense that nobles ought to have a slight increase in their resources due to their background?

Anyway, how have you guys handled this? And would it break the game to use the extra affiliations/reputations?

(By the way, my character is five points shy of B2 resources, and if I were able to count my nobility affiliation, he would make it.)


Resources are strictly based on what resource points are spent. You didn’t spend any on the affiliations that came with the traits therefore they don’t influence starting Resources. Many of the nobility were poor fellows with only their titles so it doesn’t necessarily follow that money comes with mark of privilege. I can’t say if it would be a game breaker or not to change it. If you try it, do let us know how it worked.

Your reading is correct, but note that it is often cool to spend more RPs to get a better Affiliation than the free 1D Nobility affiliation. 2D costs only 15, 3D costs only 40. (And that 15 or 40 points would of course go towards Resources.)