Call on Traits

If i have two call on traits for a skill, would I be able to re roll twice?

Not on the same roll but in the same session.

Awesome. Thanks.

Just to further clarify, the reason you can’t do it on the same roll twice is that each die is only allowed to be rerolled once.

That’s a very sensible ruling and the way I’m doing it as well, but I can’t find a page to back it up. MG and TB explicitly rule this out, but for BWG I can only find p. 58, where it limits the use of C-Os to “once per session” and “on one test”. Can you guys point me to another page?

I’m unaware of any such ruling. Honestly I don’t think it would cause problems if you allowed someone who stacked C-O traits to use them in a burst of awesome. I’m disinclined to allow it myself, but I have no firm reasons for doing so.

If someone wants to blow two call-ons on one roll, they must really want to succeed. I’d let them spend it. It’s not like I’m going to run out of adversity.

Maybe if one allowed a reroll and the other was a tie breaker, but I don’t see how you could use two tie breakers on the same roll. And I don’t think you’re able to reroll a reroll because of let it ride.

I dont think let it ride is really the issue or it would apply to the first use of a call-on as much as the second.

I think I was confusing Torchbearers policy of no re-rolling dice that have already be been re-rolled (this is a rule, right? I swear I’m not just imagining it).

I think the “one reroll per test” is an inference from the spending limits on Deeds Artha.

I’ve always played Call-Ons as you only get one CO use per session, period. The reason you would have more than one is to have more flexibility in when you can use it. Mostly this is because I assume when the book says “Call-on traits may be used once per session”(BE text, page 247) or “Call-ons may only be invoked once per session” (BE text, page 330, BWG page 58) I assume it’s talking about the category of trait and not each individual one a character may possess.

EDIT: overly restrictive as per Thor!

You may invoke each Call-on trait that you have once per session.