Can ALL traits be acquired with Trait Vote?

I can see how character traits and some call-on and die traits may be acquired via Trait Vote, but how could someone acquire Deadly Accuracy or other die traits this way? I mean, it’s easy to show how Intractable you are or even get Iron Will after you heroically withstood torture, but how could you possibly gain Deadly Accuracy this way?

That’s really up to the players to decide. Perhaps the character spent a lot of time practicing accuracy. Perhaps they were blessed by the Gods. Lots of things could happen to cause the players to believe the character deserved a trait. Mechanically, however, any trait can be granted through a trait vote–even the ones in the Monster Burner, for instance, or a custom-made trait. For example, take a look at the several threads on these boards on gaining Gifted or Faithful in play.

For the higher point cost traits we usually phase it in over a few trait votes, starting with a character trait and voting it up based on whats happened in-game between the votes.

• Write a Belief about honing your archery skills by putting an arrow through the eye of your enemy.
• Spend a Deeds point on your shot to bring your enemy down.
• Lobby for Deadly Accuracy at the next trait vote!