Can i force you into a conflict?

Let’s say on the players turn i spend a check to start a Duel-fight-conflict with my patrol leader (it’s my instinct after all). Does his player have to take part in the conflict or can he “walk away”. What happens then? Do i get my check back? Can NPCs walk out of a conflict before it starts?


There are no “walk away” rules in Mouse Guard.

Besides, a guardmouse never walks away.

Ah, but what if the other guardmouse has an aversion to fighting with another member of the guard? What if his instinct or belief is to never fight another guardmouse?
Seriously, there’s no real option to walk away?

Then I guess he narrates defends and maneuvers. What are the conflict goals of each side?

He also earns fat rewards because his friend has given him a chance to play his Belief in a conflict.

Turtling does not earn you rewards. Conflicts earn you rewards.

Or the player of the Patrol Leader earns a nice bigPersona for subverting his belief dramatically halfway through the fight. The other player has offered you a silver platter with the opportunity to either change or display your commitment to your beliefs, with carrots attached. I see no reason to not want it.

So the goal would be something like “I will not strike a blow vs. my fellow guardmouse” and he just plays defend and maneuver or the odd feint to trip up his opponent?
I thought playing his belief might be a solid “I will not fight you, Sato.” Or like Luke, throwing away his lightsaber, “I will not fight you, Father. You’ll never turn me to the dark side.” And walking away. True, no juicy plot stuff, but its still a possibility, innit…?

This is great stuff, Praion, btw… This could really help me figure some stuff out!

Those moments either come before or after a series of horrific conflicts. Those are character decision moments. I understand that you want to reach that point in your games! I do too. But to get there, you have to engage. You have to dive into the conflict.

“You will turn away from the dark side.”
“You will never raise sword or voice to me again.”
“You will contemplate all of the wrongs you have done.”

Hit your interlocutor back with unimaginably brutal goals. They want to vent spleen on you, but you are going to change them if you win.


This can’t actually be your goal. To reach this goal you need to attack (or feint) me. You only reach this goal if you drop me to 0 dispo without loosing any.

To clarify a bit. My mouse has these BIs

B: I am destined for greatness, heroic deeds will cement my status as a hero
I: If someone slights you, challenge him to a duel
(i also have Duel-wise ^^)
He is a tenderpaw.

It’s pretty likely that the fat “let’s talk it out” guardmouse and his “the youth needs to be taught by the oldfurs” mentors will anger him soon enough. I just want to cover my bases.

He sets a different kind of counter-intent… such as “Meanguy is seen as bullying me, disgracing himself” or “Others hold him off for me,” possibly even with Niceguy getting different skills used in the conflict from Meanguy. Assymetric conflict skills are a hidden strength of the Conflict rules. If he wins, nice-guy may or may not opt to tick angry on meanguy.

For example, defend might be on fighter (dodging), attack on orate, maneuver on persuade. While Meanguy’s defense changes to orate…