Can MG be played by forum post?

Sorry if it’s been asked before as I’m new but can MG be played by post?

I just got the MG RPG book and can’t find anyone to play it.

If not what are my other options as I’m a newbie to this kind of RPG (I usually play computer RPG’s, please don’t flame me!).

Thanks in advance.

There are a few ways to play over the internet. MouseGuard may lend itself better to play-by-post than some RPGs due to the length in which turns are taken. You might also try IRC and voice-over-internet protocols such as Teamspeak or Ventrilo.

It depends on who you find to play and their particular favorite style of play. There was some talk a while back on the forums of hosting games through the Google Wave application, but I do not know the results of that endeavor.

Thanks for that. I’ll check it out. I noticed there’s a BW play by post thread but it’s not very active and there’s no MG.

The forums are a bit slow traffic wise (oh god unintentional pun). MouseGuard is still a relatively new and obscure niche game. Its spreading, but doesn’t have the advertising or backing power that say a Wizards of the Coast product might have. I’m finding local games that I didn’t instigate so it’s spreading although this might just take a while for it to hit mainstream.

a few of us have a game started over at myth-weavers.
Feel free to bug Braknurr over there. He’s GMing and we’ll probably add/remove characters in different sessions.

There’s also some Google Wave MG games going on. I’ve been part of one BW wave game (that collapsed for RL issues) and starting another, and it’s a great way to play if you can’t get face-to-face, especially if you’re online together. There are also facilities to add dice-roller and map apps to wave, and the facility for private messages. If you need invites I have some left.