Can you earn both Fate and Persona from the same Belief in a session?

In every BW game I’ve been in up until one recently we’ve always done end-of-session Artha awards and judged Belief and Personal Goals separately; in other words, if a character drives play with a Belief and also accomplishes the stated goal of that belief they would get both a Fate and a Persona in the same session. I realized that this may actually be a deviation from the intent of the rules as written, and wanted to have it clarified: if you earn Persona from Personal Goals for accomplishing a Belief, do you then not earn Fate for it that session?

Somewhat tangentially, do you have to drive play for the group as a whole to earn Belief Fate Artha, or just drive to conflict in any regard? Specifically, I had a character with a belief to shut up a drunk dockworker who was drawing attention to a remnant faith in the Old Gods, and did some work (Circles, Intimidation, the usual) to push on that belief but it didn’t involve any of the other players directly. Would I still be up for a Fate for this?

At BWHQ, your either get Fate or Persona for a Belief, not both. You can play the Belief in such a way that it drives play. That’s a Fate point. You can accomplish a Belief. That’s Persona. Or you can struggle with a Belief and ultimately break it. That’s the Persona for Moldbreaker.

As long as choices about the Belief drive tests and conflict during the session, I think it’s eligible, even if only one player is involved. Ideally though, characters have Beliefs about each other and find a way to make pursuit of those Beliefs intersect at the table.

I wasn’t sure about that this last Sunday in my game, too. Guess I gave too many Fate points out. Good to know for next time.