Carrying big things and more things (Laborer tests)

My group’s getting ready to finish up Three Squires and I know part of the session is going to deal with trying to get all of the loot out and getting back to town.

In the adventure, the obs for getting big items out is worded as getting the item out of the dungeon.

Is that it and then the adventurers need to find a way to get it to town? Either with another laborer test or maybe they get creative and try to build a cart?

Are Ronwald and his family dead? If not, they’ll make a stink about the PCs stealing their stuff! Unless it’s part of a reward, I suppose.

As for getting stuff back to town, what makes sense to you? Are they trying to wrestle out one big carpet? Or are they juggling carpets and furniture and casks and other things?

Right now Ronwald’s promised the kegs of beer as a reward (though he doesn’t know the players already tapped into one of them). I fully intend on him making a stink if they try to get out with anything else that came from the inn.

I’m thinking that if they’re trying to wrestle multiple big item things that they either need to each take something big and make separate tests, or find a way to haul everything with a makeshift cart or something.

I think your instincts are spot on.

I should really trust them more often.