Casting on others?

I want to cast some spells like Falcon skin, Horse stride or Arcane Kindness on my team. Can you cast things like Falcon skin on others? And if so how does it work… Do you just up the range from personal to something else?

Use the Single Target Facet as described in the Abstractions chapter of the Magic Burner.

Lets pretend I’m poor and don’t have the magic burner…any other hints?

Intentionally fail casting another spell and hope for a garbled transmission.

This is unlikely to work right away, so be sure you keep casting until you achieve the desired result.


My hint would be to get the magic burner and or perhaps use which is at least close if not the same as to what is in the abstractions chapter of the magic burner.

Ok, Magic Burner achieved…magical confusion still abundant.

So lets try an example…
You want to cast Falcon skin on an ally. typically it is an ob 4 spell that targets the caster. Can you simply adjust the area of effect from caster to single target and increase the Obstacle by 1 and add 2 to the actions? Thats my hopeful interpretation of page 164 of the Magic Burner. However someone at our game argued that you have to build a new spell basically from the ground up meaning you go through all the different facets of the abstraction process and to cast a similar spell as falcon skin on an ally would be exceptionally difficult (Ob 11 from my hasty calculations).

You are correct, sir. Your someone is not.