Cave Troll

(Juvenile) Cave Troll

You know it, you love it, it smashes the place to bits while you try to run away!

Might: 3
Nature (Troll): 5
Nature Descriptors: Cave haunting, Smashing, Frightening
Dispositions: Drive Off 7, Kill 8, Flee 4. All else Nature + Nature roll.
Fight Weapons: Massive Stony Fists
Flee Weapons:
Skills: Dungeoneering (?), Fighting (?), Scavenging (?) (Does it need skills at all?)
Instinct: Smash, Grab, Eat.
Special: The Cave troll regenerates and is stubbornly relentless. After every turn, it regains 1 (2?) disposition, up to his starting maximum.

Have I guessed the numbers right here?

Monsters don’t tend to have skills. You use their Nature.

Might is probably 5, maybe as high as 6 for a really nasty brute.

Regeneration would be a weapon for the Defend action.


Copy on the nature thing.

The might i was wondering about, given earlier comments about the gel cube.

Love the regen as defend weapon - i forgot that aspect of the defend action.

That said, i just noticed thor’s ogre. Might 4 probably makes sense, including higher nature and fight dispo.