Caves of Chaos

We had a go last night at making characters and getting going on a small delve into the Caves of Chaos (goblin section) to retrieve a kidnapped merchant. Character generation was, overall, not only straightforward but good fun, with difficult choices already emerging in both character stats and skills, but also equipment choices. We do have questions:
What can be put in a small or large sack?
How does armour work, exactly? We are just using it as per MG for the moment.

Once into the exploration phase, we had a lot of fun with trying different approaches to things. Searching for secret doors caused some confusion, but we sorted it as a dungeoneering roll. The party ambushed (via a rather ridiculously good scouting roll) a goblin guard troop. The conflict was difficult to master as we’ve little to no MG experience, so there was a lt of looking in the book and waving of hands. The goblins wanted to flee the room in order to get the ogre, and the pcs were out to kill the goblins. The pcs lost only 1 disposition, so I proposed a single goblin escaped, leading o a second conflict with the ogre, which was a much harder prospect. This is where we had a lot more questions regarding how all the bits worked, most of which a trip into the MG forums might answer.

All up, we had a great first try and all agreed the difficult choices at character generation made for some real characterization from the get go.

Thanks for the update, McShane. Sounds perfect.

A couple of minor notes: Scout is used for all things detection, even finding hidden doors. And if your group loses a conflict, they do not achieve their goal. In this case, one goblin escaping is a fair compromise, but since you lost and your goal was to warn the ogre, that goblin cannot warn him.

I hope that makes sense.

Makes sense, thanks Luke. I was struggling a bit with trying to find the right rule, but with three semi-experience BWers, I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it as we play.