Character Burner/Assistant Questions

First, I’ve whipped up an excel spreadsheet that helps organize the character burning process a little. It automatically calculates wounds, and offers an easy way to write down your LPs on a computer if you don’t have a printed character worksheet. Is it alright if I offer this up as a download here, or would I need to host it on my own site and just post about it?

Second, I noticed on page 610 that the book mentions ordering lifepath, trait, and skill booklets from the website. I couldn’t find them anywhere, but I may not have known where to look. Any help on this one?

Just bumping this. Does anyone know the answers to the questions in my first post in the thread?

I know that there is already one character burning excel spreadsheet up on the wiki… have you looked at it?

I have, but mine is specifically geared towards Burning Empires instead of Burning Wheel, and I was trying to make it in a slightly different, slightly bigger fashion. Mine works somewhat like the World Burning Assistant that was posted, wherein you choose a lifepath from a box and it autofills details and what not.

whoa there tiger. Why don’t you email it to me, first?