Chase, Speed Tests, and FoRKs

I had been cruising along, ready to run BW for my group and explain it to them. Then, I saw something strange in the Distance and Movement Chapter. BWG p. 531 suggests that you can FoRK skills when doing a chase. A chase involves a Speed versus test…so is this the ONLY exception to the FoRKs are for Skills and nothing else rule. Or, am I having some mind trouble?

Thanks much wise sages of the BW

It’s a relic from the dawn of creation. Or if not the dawn, then the midmorning or something, when FoRKs were defined less strictly. There’s another one in the rules for Greed.

I have high hopes that those will be gone in the new edition. (Crosses fingers.)


Awesome, thanks Bobo. So, it is very rare, cool. Honestly, it does make some sense as an exception in the chase context. Speed tests for chase provide some narrative element, the art form of FoRKing to drive story. Speed with Stealthy and cave-wise means you are running and hiding. They are rightly exceptions within the subsystems. I love this game…a lot. Does Torchbearer have chase rules? I should check.

If these were called advantage dice or something, I’m pretty sure nobody would object.

It has. Kind of. There’s one single conflict system that covers all kinds of conflicts, including chases.

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