Chicken Soup for the Vaylen Soul

Some scenarios I’m thinking about trying out on our next turn. I wanted to throw these out there to see if I’m thinking about them correctly, or more likely where I need to adapt my thinking.

Paul B’s intent: Get some tactical talk going and increase his Filthy Worm Lover-wise rank!

  • I still need to Assess my factions, so I was thinking about 1) circling up an incompetent communications officer within one of the factions and 2) entering a Duel of Wits with this useful idiot to get him to turn over secret correspondences (as yet undetermined/uncolored/unburned) in the faction. The Assess roll would probably be Signals. Nobody controls the faction in question yet. Is it cool to create an actual incompetent and use his low skill against him? (Thinking rare job, lower rank than the guy doing the circles, opposed to his position, rank 3 skill: Ob 6?) Might need a resources test to get a +1d.

  • Same scenario, except in an already-controlled faction or other existing in-game organization. Still possible? I’m thinking an incompetent aide in one of the PCFoN’s operations would be incredibly useful (maybe with the addition of “specific knowledge” Ob). Of course I’d have to allow them to do the same back to me…

  • Incite a faction to riot or strike. Is this too big for a single FoN to pull off? My intuition is that it’s a Maneuver-level action you can do with a faction as you wish as soon as you Take Action and snag it up. Under what circumstances could it be a scene-level event? Ever?

(The intent of the strike is to draw out a secretive FoN with a vested interest in the continued productivity of the striking slaves. It’d probably be a Take Action of his own to deactivate the faction.)

  • Grab a PCFoN and toss his ass in jail. The GMFoN who wants to do it really doesn’t have any jurisdiction to do so other than a) he’s buddies with the evil Imperial Steward, b) he’s a “hero of the Anvil” so he has lots of gun-toting buddies, and c) he has what he believes to be evidence connecting the PCFoN in question with fomenting insurrection. I’m not sure of how to pursue this one. I could ICHASHITF and simply kidnap him. I could have the Imperial Steward throw his massive persuasion mojo into a DoW and convince the PCFoN to turn himself in peacefully “or suffer the consequences.” Again, I could circles up an incompetent in the PCFoN’s operation (he’s a deposed expat noble cooling his heels, working toward taking the planet for himself) to provide “evidence” to the Steward.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Let’s talk tactics!



Some thoughts:

1->I like the ‘hire’ or plant an agent into the PC’s insurrection operation angle. Nice hard evidence obtained there.

2->You could also bait the PC’s operation with a contact to another group providing some benefit such as funds, contact to underworld, or military strength and then have it turn against them.

3->Third would be just to hire another group to make the PC’s life difficult. This could vary from political propaganda campaigns to outright raids and assassination attempts.

Maybe all 3. :slight_smile: