Choking Hand & Damaging Lock & Adventure Burner


Reading through the sorcery spells and come to Choking Hand. Awesome, albeit dastardly, spell. Question: where can I purchase Adventure Burner? It refers me to this book in order to use the Damaging Lock rule.

Or, is Damaging Lock covered in my Gold edition and I’m overlooking it?

That may be cruft, as I think Luke decided to remove damaging locks from BWG?

In BWR it was essentially a Strike done with your “locking” ability. You did that for any locks scripted after you had locked up your opponent.

I could just go with the “victim incapacitated” option.

The rule is still valid, bu the adventure burner is currently out of print. I’ll post the rule at some point.

I know the likely answer to this Luke but perhaps consider putting the out of print supplements that you don’t intend to reprint up for sale in a digital form. For obvious reasons I can see not putting up BWR but maybe Adbu, Blossoms, MagBu once you run out of copies and so on.

I do believe two local stores in Melbourne, Australia have copies.

Thanks Luke.

Paizo has copies of all the BWR supplements for sale.