Circles/Resources reserves

So if I’m reading this correctly, reserve Circles points may only be spent on relationships, not boosting the Circles attribute, or buying a Reputation or Affiliation?

On the other hand, Resources doesn’t seem to have that restriction. From my reading, any Resources purchase is kosher from the reserve. Given that, I see little reason t actually buy much of anything at character burning, and just bring it into play when needed. I could even have a few “stock” items ready to go and just pay for them if and when they are needed.

Am I off-base here?

You are correct, sir.


Excellent. So my follow-up is to confirm that with no Resources points spent, the NPC could possibly have a Resources attribute higher than 10 at the start of play. In my specific case I have a couple 7-LP Vaylen with a 12-14 pt reserve. At the start of play they would have very, very high Resources, but in scenes I could reduce it to make their hideouts, fortresses, hulling tools, etc, into “hard” items.

Yes. 12-14 in Resources is not uncommon. Even more is fine. The ability to spend the Resources points after the game has started is a special perk for the GM. 8)

Remember, though, those points have to be spent during building scenes. So sometimes it’s best to nail down a few things before the game begins.