Clarification on Conditions

First off hello! Secondly props to Luke for his wonderful transition of a great Comic into an RPG, I really like how and what you’ve done with the setting. I’m hoping to run a one shot and produce an actual play for the listeners of the Bear Swarm! podcast (be forwarned we are explicit in our language), but before I run the game I just wanted a quick clarification.

After reading the book, and examining the sheets I am wondering if there is any penalty difference between the Hungry/Thirsty condition and the Tired condition.

“Hungry and Thirsty subtracts 1 from disposition for any conflict.” -pg 123

“Tired subtracts 1 disposition from all conflicts.” -pg 124

“Being Hungry or Thirsty, Angry or Tired affects the disposition of some conflicts” -pg 125

The added emphasis is mine; while I gather that both have the same effect it’s the slightly different wording that had me wondering if perhaps, there was supposed to be something more or if I had missed something in my reading of the rules. Perhaps Hungry/Thirsty are only supposed to apply to conflicts utilizing Health as their base (counterbalancing Angry), otherwise the Hungry/Thirsty Condition is mechanically the same as the Tired condition except in regards of recovery. While that seems odd to me from a game design stand point, I could understand the argument either way.

Thanks in advance,
Artemis Knight

The rules are correct as written. Any and all are synonymous.

However, Hungry is special. Remember that you must recover conditions in order. So you must eat or drink before you can shed your anger or rest.