Clarification Request: Help and Advancement

in the Resolution chapter, those who help are subject to the same outcomes.

In the skills chapter, in the section on advancement, no mention is made of help.

While in other Burning Wheel flavors, helpers get experience ticks, I suspect that might not be the case with MG…

Please leave all BWisms at the door.

You have nobody but yourself to blame, Luke. We’re all brain-damaged now!


I guess I am brain damaged too since I wondered about the wording of this as well (then again Helping Yourself in BE had me confused about the number of dice so maybe I’m just reading things in a peculiar way?).

I guess an impact of this is that the Narrator-type-person really needs to manage the obstacles well so that everyone gets a contest that they are leading; there is not the same player-side economy as in BE, nor the “all pile on” help in BW.

I’m curious about why this route was taken: was it for simplicity’s sake, or are there deeper maths (or assumptions about how the Narrator will run things) going on in the MG advancement rules?

I noticed something about that by implication. In conflict, help is limited to one’s own team, plus one die per additional team helping. It can make for very exciting bouts when scripting is done by allied teams separately.

Given the suggested cap of 4 per team, one can adjust enemies somewhat. more teams means more potential damage, but also less help!

Barring a section titled “Helpers Learn” I would be inclined to say they do not.