Cleaning up my lifepaths on the wiki

First of all: Can anyone explain to me how to link to a subsection of a given page in the Wiki? I can’t figure it out.

Second, I ask because I’ve radically reorganized my proliferating lifepath entries on the Wiki into five relatively tidy categories organized around common themes and broken into subcategories as necessary:

Dirty and Dangerous:
The Arena: Matador and Gladiator
It’s a deadly job, but somebody’s got to do it: Bomb Tech, Vac Monkey, Sailor, Salvor, Punishment Battalion
Outcasts and Criminals: Redneck, Water Rat, Poacher, Biker, Balladeer

Medical (no subsections): Court Physician, Camp Doctor, Health Official, Nurse, Unlicensed Doctor, Eugenicist

Military and Security, which is large enough to require subsections:
Lords-Pilot Hussar: Lord-Pilot Hussar, Court Hussar
Anvil Lifepaths: Born on the Anvil, Cadet, Anvil Wife, Anvil Biker, Gunner, Military Police, Advisor, Bomb Tech, Camp Doctor, HQ Staff, Quartermaster
Hammer Lifepaths: Press-Ganged, Vac Monkey, Master-at-Arms, Saboteur
Other Settings: Watchman, Punishment Battalion, Pensioner

Noble House, which again breaks into subsections:
Nobility lifepaths: Noble Hunter, Yachtsman, Valet, Arms Master
Stewardship and Court lifepaths: Huntsman, Courtly Hunter, Artiste, Bodyguard, Matador, Courtesan, Court Physician
Servitude and Serfdom lifepaths: Surrogate, Gamekeeper, Housemaid/Houseboy, Minstrel, Upper Servant, Estate Manager, Butler

Nobles and Servitors: Noble Hunter, Yachtsman, Huntsman, Courtly Hunter, Gamekeeper
Freeman and Communards: Ranger, Sailor
Outcasts and Criminals: Redneck, Water Rat, Poacher

Note that a number of lifepaths are still listed twice, but there is a LOT less redundancy in this arrangement than the one I had previously.

Note also that I’m doing this because I am pretty much done. I have one last lifepath idea loose in my head [EDIT: Since posted and included above], and I’m sure another will come out eventually, but Luke can start to breath easy.

I think it’s a hash mark (#) and then the sub-section?

so that’s the page (the D&D LPs as normal), then #, then sub-section title. That’s what you wanted, right?

That works! Thanks. The wiki help page was a lot less clear about that than you just were.

I’ve also created a single page with all of the new traits my lifepaths use and a single page with all of the new skills my lifepaths use. For the moment at least, however, I’m not deleting the individual entries.