Clumsy Weight - Which bit causes the Swimming Penalty?

Very minor question (I’m automating a character sheet). A footnote in BWG assigns each clumsy weight penalties are assigned to bits of armor - Heath/Forte/Stealthy is the Torso; Agility/Throwing/Shooting the arms; Perception/Observation the head. Which bit causes the swimming penalty?

You could assign it to the breastplate/chest piece.




Odd, for some reason I always thought it was the legs.

Or just take the worst?
Heavy legs and no breastplate, you still drown. Perhaps exclude helmet.

I like Luke’s suggestion, though I would add that, realistically, I think it’s a good idea to factor in “any”. For simplicity’s sake, chest is probably best, though…however, you do use all of your body when swimming, pretty equally in my opinion.

I’d be more likely to assign it to limbs rather than torso, personally.

I’d go for limbs too. First thing you learn in swimming class about treading water is to kick of your shoes. Moving your limbs is vital for swimming, while core buoyancy would stay the same regardless of where weight was distributed.


Silly question… what skill is used for Swimming, or is it a stat? And, why is there no swimming skill. I know the argument is swimming wasn’t really a concept until later, but since sailors and other similarly minded people may have figured it out… what do they use?

No skill, just Speed.

If swimming becomes a big part of your game, I’d house rule it in as a skill for people to pick up through Beginner’s Luck (or general skill points) - but I think the idea is that few western European people swam, even sailors. (Of course, other cultures had all sorts of accomplished swimmers, such as pearl divers. Climate might have something to do with it.)