Colossal Lifestyle Cost

Let’s say a player becomes cursed in the town temple. So, he prays all over and over again until he gets a boon to remove the curse, and he ends up with lifestyle cost of 42. What kind of condition or twin can match such a bill?

Well, first, i wouldn’t have allowed the multiple prayers. If the prayers didn’t work the first time, the gods aren’t listening. At best, i would require progressively larger sacrifices for additional prayers. (1D, 2D, 3D, etc.). Eventually, he’ll run out of treasure. If he does still end up with a high lifestyle cost, there are rules. I might arrest him, confiscate all his belongings and have him delay the party leaving. (He gains the Exhausted condition, loses all of his equipment and I would make the delay disadvantage the party in some way during the adventure.) You could also ban him from that particular town for a set amount of time. (One game year comes to mind, as in midsummer in game to the following midsummer). It is up to the party if they want to interfere in all of this. However, if they do, they should share in his fate.

All of this is moot, though. As I said, i would have only allowed one roll to start with. He would either have to wait and try again next town session or (even better) make it his Goal to find an alternative means of removing the curse. Don’t look at it as an obstacle. Look at it as a role-playing opportunity.

As a GM I would have had the bill collectors (pg 93) come calling long before the character got to a lifestyle cost of 42.

Or at some point the priest/priests of the temple should’ve called in their tab. Like “We can’t keep adding services to your bill. Pay for what we’ve provided or we’re calling the guards (or some other appropriate authority).”

Yep, just one prayer session per town phase.