Complete list of differences between BW and BE?

Luke, do you have/know of a complete list of rules differences between BW and BE? We’re starting up our BE game right now, and as prior BW players, we’ve been burned a few times by rules that are subtly different in BE than they are in BW. For example, in BE, Helping characters receive a test for advancement in BE, but I don’t believe they do in BW. (This makes sense in BE, as characters get a lot fewer rolls in BE). Are there other subtle rules differences in BE that we might be missing? I know I could re-read the BE book, but it’s pretty likely that a subtle change like that I’d miss even in a re-read, as I’d skim the Advancement chapter, rather than reading it really closely.

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Best I can tell you is that they’re two different games. Reference the book often (we do!).



The biggest gotchas you’ll face are that the DoW maneuvers match up slightly differently, and the artha rewards for playing instincts are different. Most of the basic mechanics are the same if present in both.

There are differences between testing system - in BW you can allocate success when your character doinsomething carefully or quickly. I also found sth in Advancement - in BW if you want to advance Perception, you can count only succesful tests. What is more - there are big differences between Resources systems on a stage of character burning. Thats all what i know after few hours with BW Revised, but i suppose that there is more :slight_smile:


Ahh well. Thanks to those of you who posted differences above. I will keep my eyes peeled for any further ones I see, and will post them here.

Good catch on the helping tests, BTW. I guess we just do it a lot more in BE than in BW, as we want to enable helping dice in the infection roll.


That was the big gotcha I forgot. Perception is not open-ended by default, and unsuccessful tests count for advancement, both in contrast to BW.

I’m smelling a wiki article!

Wanna blow someone’s mind? Than go list all the differences between BWR, Jihad, and BE. Someone’s gotta have waaaay too much time on their hands! :wink: