Compromise - Half (or thereabouts)

In the Duel of Wits the rules for a compromise say that you get a regular compromise if your opponent’s Body of Argument is reduced by half (or thereabouts). So we were running a test last night and this came up. The Evil Wizard from BWG vs the Idealistic Young Priest from Adventure Burner. The wizard won, but lost 4 of his 10 BoA. That’s only one point away from half, but it’s also 10% away from half. Unless I’m mistaken BoAs won’t get very much higher than that (20 max at high level play). So, how many points away from half is “thereabouts”?

Half is half. Disregard the thereabouts. Stick with math.

In your example, the wizard ends up with a minor compromise. If he lost 5 or more, it would’ve been a major compromise.

I disagree with Kublai. I’ve always done it by thirds. In your example, 1-3 BoA left=major, 4-6=middling, 7-9=minor.


Deliverator, Kublai, can we reach some kind of consensus here? Maybe some-kind of compromise.

There’s only minor and major compromises according to the book, yes? You must concede a major compromise if your opponent reduces your BOA by half. Anything less is a minor one.

I don’t get where the vagueness is coming from.

There’s three levels of compromise.

There is? Ha! Read my sig.

Luke, we need to play soon. I have no idea how to run BW any more.

I dream about discovering Palgi’s fate in Cley…