Condition cost vs. skill development

Once again I had a simple question…

When player fails the test but accept a condition to get through and avoid unwanted twists, it count a fail ou a pass for skill development?

Example: Kenzy fail to track the peddler, but accept to get Angry condition and found the peddler near the cart. Kenzy write “F” in scout skill in character sheet if he got the condition this way or he can write “P”?

thanks for the help,

Alessandro Franzen


Pass is the player roll succeeding and getting EXACTLY what he wanted. The dice were your friend.

Upon failure the GM can have the character face a complication to continue Pershing the players intent or grant the players intent and levy a condition. Either way the dice dice failed the player.


I’d like to point out the perspective as to why this is a failure.

Some conditions don’t seem that big of a deal. However consider that conditions mean spending player turns removing them instead or Pershing your own goals which often means less Rewards.

Crafty of them :slight_smile: that may have been obvious but in case it wasn’t there you go.