Conflict Example (p176) and Order of Might

in Conflict Example (p176):

  • Adventurers are Might 3
  • Kobbolds are Might 1, but the Swarming Descriptor make them Might 2.

Still, Adventurers are 1 order of Might higher (3 vs 2)

page 149:
The Greater the Order, the More Your Hurt
If your order of might is greater than your opponent’s, you gain +1s per order greater for all actions in kill, capture and drive off conflicts.

Shouldn’t players get +1S to all their actions in the example given ?
Did Dro screw his players ? Or did I miss something ?

EDIT: maybe the +1S was included in all the final results given, but as it was not mentionned specifically, I was wondering…

It was an error. We corrected it on our press proofs. We’ll make an updated PDF available soonish.

OK, no problem, just wanted to make sure that I get this Order of Might right !