Conflict Plotting Cards

FYI, I thought of these as soon as I read the conflict rules, but I wanted to test them before posting. both are PDF’s

Conflict Cards, no tables.

Conflict Cards, with actions tables

Print them on light card (110# card works) or print on paper and laminate.
Cut on the black lines, fold (mountain fold) on the gray. Staple on the two staple-like lines to form a pocket.

This gives you a container, and a set of 3 actions to go in, and a cover card to hide the first action. Each action phase, pull one card… the revealed action is what is planned. Really works well. Whomever is going to roll holds the packet…

I’ve been using them in my game; 4 sessions with them, and the players love them.They each look at the proposal, and I don’t get to hear what is being planned out… I use them, too, but I lock mine before they start discussing.

I’ve just printed some more sets on cardstock (100#) (prior were on paper) and laminated with non-glare Con-tact® clear laminate. We can write on them and erase using pencils or wet-erase markers that way. The laminated set on paper is holding up well; we’re getting 2-3 conflicts per ‘session’… the plain paper set isn’t holding up so well.

Stack ready… What’s it gots planned in its pockets, eh precious?

1st action revealed… It attacks us, it does!

(Yes, that set IS pink.)

You might want to consider for your next revision, adding in a spot to write your Goal & track your Disposition.

I’ve tried tracking on the front bottom using a paperclip; doesn’t work well.

Now, I just write it on the front, in the space below the paragraph. I laminated with Con-Tac® brand clear matte laminate, and can write on it in pencil.

Hiya Aramis

I used your conflict cards very successfully in numerous games of Mouse Guard that I just ran at the Conception con in the UK.

Worked sweet as a nut, and helped folk pick up the conflict resolution mechanism easier I think. Some folks still struggled to grok the abstractness of the conflict mechanism itself though, saying that it was way too hard… goodness, when those comments hit the table I was glad that I bailed out of running Burning Wheel at the con :smiley:

The cards themselves worked sweet though, and there’s now’t I’d add to them at all. They could perhaps look cooler - borders, faded logo, etc - but that’s almost a mean comment… functionally they’re spot on.


Donate some art, and I’ll add a set with the donated art. I’m a musician, not a visual arts guy.

I do appreciate the feedback, and am glad they helped.

Those look really cool. If I run Mouse Guard I’ll be sure to use them. Is there anything similar for Burning Wheel or Burning Empires?

Not yet. I’m thinking of making a wheel set for BE. Similar idea, but due to the larger number of options…