Conflict Questions

This may be answered somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. I ran my second demo today and had a couple more questions come up.

  1. First question, from an example. Two PC teams, one NPC team. One PC team scripts defend, the NPC scripts Feint targeting team 1, and team 2 Attacks the NPC.

I’m pretty sure the attack is independent and hits the NPC’s disposition and the feint is independent and hits the team 1’s disposition, but one player tried to argue that since attacking a feint states the feint doesn’t test, that means only the attacking team (team two) makes a test. Is this true, or is my initial though correct?

  1. If a conflict arises and the member testing for disposition doesn’t have the skill, does he test Nature? Or does he not test? Or is he required to use Will/Health as appropriate? We had an argument where one team member didn’t have Persuader. What should he have tested? Could he have used beginner’s luck?

  2. In the event that NPC 1 starts an argument with PC 1 and he doesn’t have persuader, could they make PC 2, who has persuader, the captain and have her test for disposition, or is PC 1 stuck testing according to the answer to the above question?

Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. Your call was correct. It’s in the rules, but I don’t have my book with me.

  2. Use the Beginner’s Luck rules.

  3. PC 1 is stuck as per the No Weasels rule.

Good to know, thanks.

Since the PC would use Beginner Luck rules, would they get to make a check for a test, even though disposition doesn’t normally count as a pass/fail test?

I have a question about #1 for AfterCrescent and a question about #3 in general.

#1 so I’m just curious why two PM (player mice) teams? Did they truly have different goals/statements of intent? This is not to be critical but I’m curious how that comes out in play. BW/MG is particularly unforgiving on 2+:1 ratios and I worry when. See MG players trying to capitalize on multiple actions. The times I’ve had multple PMs I also had NPMs to face each team. How did the adversay fair?

#3 if thegroup is helping alot in the conflict and we go to scripting thenon-social mouse(in this case) does the disposition. Is it more appropriate for othersto help, share in actions or both?


  1. The teamwork rules remain in effect.

Making me read! Bastard! big wink

To answer your question, eruditis, we had two teams for the players because there were 4 mice. As per the rules, when there are more than 3 mice, there have to be two teams so each mouse gets its fair share of tests/actions. It was versus a season, and the they were tired/angry/hungry and Spring had rolled all successes for its disposition, so even with multiple actions, Spring came out on top. It was very dramatic conflict, though.

I’m still curious as to if the Beginner’s Luck roll will count as a test towards learning the appropriate skill if used for disposition. I’m leaning towards no, but I want to be sure.

Your instinct is right! Pg. 229.

Ah gotcha, cool. Just curious. Thanks.