conflict/test decision tree

Torchbearer is very different from the kinds of games I’ve run or played in the past. I am on my first read and am a bit overwhelmed by when to you roll Skill, Will, Health or Nature, when it is appropriate to tap (or double tap?) Nature, how to Aid Another, when these get taxed or otherwise reduced and well … pretty much most of what I’ve read on pages 45-47. There are a lot of ways these values interact or support each other and the presentation is quite dense for a first read. Apologies if this page reference is way off … I don’t have my book with me. There’s a lot of mechanics and ways to spend attributes and a flow chart would help tremendously to get a feel for how this works instead of having the book open in my lap for several sessions.

I could draw up my own, but as a neophyte to the BW family of games, I am hoping a veteran GM already has already prepared such a resource that I can crib until I become more familiar. An extended illustrated example would be indispensable. It would also be nice to hand these out to players (we all have similar backgrounds), so they can understand these mechanics. The importance of allowing Nature to wax and wane strikes me as something that will be lost to them. I barely understand it on first read and I pride myself on understanding my players.


Try this:

Yes! Thank you!