Conflict Weapons for Monsters

When monsters use a weapon which has special rules listed in the Gear chapter, do these rules apply as usual or is the weapon just colour for the listed die bonus?

Examples for clarity:

  1. Tomb Guardians have the kill weapon “Maneuver: +1D, Spear”. When the GM equips the spear and then scripts an attack, does this bypass the attacked character’s leather armor as per the usual spear rules?

  2. Similarly, do weapons like “Maneuver: +2D, Bow” (Goblins) change a scripted monster attack from an independent to a versus test?

I would certainly assume so. If the GM wants to argue that Goblins don’t know how to use bows properly or make very low quality bows and only get the Maneuver bonus, that’s his call. However, I certainly wouldn’t fault a GM for applying the rules equally, giving anyone who uses a bow all the benefits of a bow.

Yes, if a monster is equipped with a weapon, we expect you to use that weapon and all of its attendant bonuses and penalties.


I guess that was one of the more inane questions asked here since the game came out. Thank you all the more for your answers – I had a problem I could not solve any other way.