Confusion after reading the Example Conflict


We have had a few sessions but it wasn’t until last night I completed reading the whole book.

On Page 177 there is a continued example of a Drive Off conflict. There is an example of Maneuver vs Maneuver (first column, page 177). Initially it correctly states that an Independent Will is required. But then when the example of the actual rolling is given it states “Jared grabs 5D for Gerald’s Health 5…”. Shouldn’t this be Will?

Then Jared goes on to get 6 successes and the enemy 5. So Jared ‘spends’ 1 success on Impede & 2 successes on Gain Position, followed by saying he can’t do anything with the remaining 2 successes. Hang on 6 - 3 = 3 by my counting. Couldn’t Jared actually also Disarm?

Likewise the enemies 5 successes are used by Disarm (3) and then Impede (1) - but it states that the impede is the last success to spend. Er, 5 - 4 = 1. In fact the Kobolds could have Disarmed & Gained Position rather than Disarm & Impede.

Are we doing something wrong or is the example in error?

On that note, Thor & Luke will you update the PDF as errata is dealt with and make it available? Currently I have r21.

No stress about the actually printed copy. That (errors and all) will be used to create an alter from which I will channel the spirit of Gygax to create murderous adventures (aka Tomb of Horror, Barrie Peaks…). Only the PDF will see actual play.

Cheers guys, really enjoying the game. Specifically the way that combat plays out. I have over several hundred RPGs (I collect them) and your combat system is rather unique and in play works rather well. Initially I thought the non-Captain players would get bored crapless, but it plays so fast that really no one drifts off (unlike 3.5e…)


I think r22 is currently available for download. There were a number of errors in the conflict example. I think we caught most of them.

Thanks Thor. Will download r22. Is there a place on the forum that we let us know when updates are available?

Hi there,

Sorry for OT, but I have just found this topic and one thing mentioned by Thor is very important for me.

On July I had downloaded the r21 as one of the Kickstarter backers/founders for free by using my discount code. Is the r22 still free for backers and if so, how should I download it? I checked my code, but it is inactive - as far as I understand that code was used when I ordered r21.

I will be glad for help :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Go to downloads in the Burning Wheel store. You can download from there. I also was a kickstarter and had no issue getting r22.

Luke & Thor are looking after us :slight_smile:

Slightly Serten is on the ball. Once you’ve downloaded from the Burning Store, you don’t need the code anymore.

Go to the Burning Store > My Account > My Downloadable Products.

You’ll find it there!

I’ll talk to Luke when he gets back from PAX and make sure we post a notice here (and probably at the G+ Community) when we upload an update.

Thanks a lot, I have just downloaded it :slight_smile:
Tommorrow we are going to start playing, so keep your fingers crossed :wink:

Is there a list of the updates anywhere?

There is not. There were too many to make tracking useful. The book and the current PDF are the definitive sources. We’ll start tracking from here.

I got the updated PDF (thanks!), but it has no PDF index, which makes it very hard to navigate. I guess it won’t be a problem when I get the book, but while trying to use just the PDF, it’s rough.

That’s strange. My copy is fully and thoroughly bookmarked and both the ToC and Index are active links as well.

My copy has no bookmarks, either.

There are no bookmarks in mine also.

Mine neither. My r21 does but r22 appears not to have any.

Might be worth splitting off a new thread at this point, but, yeah, my r22 doesn’t have any bookmarks, so I’ve still just been working out of r21 since it’s more convenient.

Bizarre. It was built with bookmarks and my copy has them (and I know Luke hates building PDFs, so there definitely aren’t two versions floating around). We’ll look into what happened and fix it as soon as we can.

Thanks Thor, appreciate the proactive attitude.