Consecration vs deamons with grey will

Consecration works against deamons whose will is lower than the priests faith, but the standard deamon from the monster burner has grey will. Does that change anything? does it apply for example a +2 penalty similarly to how grey forte affects mortal wound or is the shade irrelevant?

I, personally, would likely treat the Grey Will as 2 higher.

Given that by default all demons and imps have all grey stats, I’d just use the exponent, forgetting the shade.

Minor Epiphany before the consecration or Chosen One die trait to shade shift Faith (perhaps the character can obtain some holy artifact or rituals that temporarily shade shift their Faith the same way an Epiphany would). You would need a grey or white shade faith to get a grey result (unless I’m misunderstanding pg.546) and Consecration is comparing Atributes rather than their Exponents, so shade would be a factor.

You test against the Demons will. The obstacle is set based on the exponent, not the shade. The +2 is for averaging grey and black, not for testing against. (To my knowledge.)

When setting an Ob based on a lighter shaded exponent, add +2 Ob for one shade lighter and +3 Ob for two shades lighter. p.545

Well then.

It’s not an obstacle. A strict reading would be to just compare exponents.

Yeah, I think that’s how we’ve always done it. Comapre exponent to exponent without considering shade. Because if not, my priest would be creating Ob12 Consecrations!

Then shouldn’t it say exponent?
The way it reads it seems to be comparing the Will of the spirits and demons against the Faith attribute of the consecrating priest.
When exponent is compared or substituted isn’t it usually written as such? (Deadly Precision for example).
Comparing Will vs. Attribute suggests the full stat (shade and exponent) rather than the exponent alone.

Looking at the math, it doesn’t add up. You wouldn’t be able to consecrate anything unless you yourself had light shaded faith if that was the case.

Unless consecration was such a big deal that it was done by the chosen one (with help from normally shaded Faithful followers) or the burning of Artha.
If we just compared exponents without shades then just about any congregation could consecrate anything to keep out practically any being, even those more powerful than their own deity that granted the miracle in the first place. (Normal humans consecrate a temple to Athena that keeps Zeus at bay simply because their B9 Faith Priestess exponent beat out his W8 Will Exponent?

(Of course, I could be wrong)

Use of the term “exponent” to distinguish number from shade is not consistent. In any case, how would you “compare” different shades otherwise? There’s no metric for factoring in shade.

Also, I wouldn’t say Zeus has W8 Will. Or B8 Will. I don’t think Greek deities have more than maybe some gray stats; mortal heroes can outwit and out-fight them. Not easily or often, but it happens, and Zeus in particular is not either clever or disciplined.

Besides, you consecrate against demons and spirits, not gods.

Point Taken.
So apply a healthy dose of logic and intent of the rules rather than getting hung up on syntax?