Copyright stuff

Two questions.

The first is that I run a meetup site for RPGs and I do a game of the month. I put up a picture depicting the game and October is going to be Mouse Guard. I grabbed a Mouse Guard pic off the Internet and dropped it on my home page. It will only be up for about a month or so when I swap it out for the next one. Is this okay?

Second question, I own the book and the pdf and would like to post the section of the book about the history of the Mouse Guard (about 5 pages) to give some flavor to those folks who have not played or read the comics. The book being as beautiful as it is I would rather post the pages as is. Would it be legal to scan in those pages and post them on the meetup site? My second option is to type the words and make sure that I cite where they come from.

Any ideas? I live the art and would like to share it with people who haven’t seen it before but I don’t want to get hunted down and put to the sword for it either.


Not that it matters, but I would prefer it if you wouldn’t post portions of my books publicly (barring fair use excerpts for purposes of example and review).

If you are up for answering my questions when I need them answered I am certainly willing to abide by your wishes (even if the rest of the internet is not). I will write up my own summary of the Mouse Guard history then. There was an outpouring of love for game designers in a post over at and I mentioned you. There are not many things in this world that you get the creator of to weigh in on. Much appreciated.

mosswood: The first Mouse Guard comic is free on Comixology, and potentially other places: