Cover/Forts in Conflict

If one side holds superior ground, like a fortress, wall with murder holes, etc, how should that be handled in a conflict?

A simple disposition bonus? Stat it up as a full “weapon?” No mechanical effect?

I’d think that the answer would be “yes, one or more of those ways”. Which would be in line with the standard “it depends” answer. :wink:

Haha, yep. Personally, I would break it down this way:

Is it something the players are actively using with each action: Weapon (you can only have one equipped per round)
Is it a circumstance that hinders the enemy: Factor against enemy action (stacks with weapons), unless a maneuver removes the circumstance (disarm?)
Is it a situation that boosts your position, but only temporarily, like a head start in a flee conflict: +D for disposition

Not everyone would agree with that breakdown, but it makes sense to me.

There are multiple valid ways to represent it: both a disposition bonus and a weapon can make sense depending on the circumstances.

Over on the G+ community, Ralph Mazza made an ingenious suggestion: Make something like a barricade a disposition bonus that doesn’t get shared out to the members of the team. For instance, let’s say you have a 3 hit point barricade. Any damage done by the opposition gets applied to the barricade first. Once its disposition is gone, it’s gone.

That is a nice idea. Couldn’t a Defend action theoretically be used to rebuild the barricade?

Theoretically, but I think it’s more fun if it get’s overrun and things get desperate. The corollary would be that disposition lost from the barricade wouldn’t contribute to a compromise…

That is more exciting…

Looks at pile of tokens on table.

“This must be where they made their last stand…”

I love this. I love when a simple interpretation of an abstract concept produces something that makes sense.