D&D Cartoon-inspired magic weapons

Cavalier’s Shield
An incredibly light, strong shield emblazoned with the sigil of a horse rampant.

Effect: When the shield is used in a fight conflict choose one ability for the remainder of the conflict: 1) treat any opposing feint as an attack action or 2) grant the shield’s +2D to any participants test to defend. Does not count as a factor to recover from exhaustion.
Inventory: hand/carried 1 or torso/worn 1
Type: Magical weapon

Acrobat’s Staff
A simple wooden pole that responds to its bearer’s will, magically collapsing to any length from a 10’ pole to a 10" baton.

Effect: As a 6’ fighting staff, treat as the bo staff (see the Monk class). As a baton, treat as a one-handed weapon with no bonuses or penalties. As a 10’ pole, gain +1D to Scout tests to detect appropriate trap triggers. If broken as the result of a twist, the staff may not be used but may be magically mended by an ob2 Will test.
Inventory: Hand/carried 1 or 2 (depending on size), pack 1 (if collapsed)
Type: Magical weapon

Ranger’s Bow of Light
An ornately carved wooden bow without a string.

Effect: A mighty weapon, adding +1 to the wielder’s order of might. The bow requires no ammunition; simply making the motion of drawing back the bow causes a magical arrow to flare into existence. Gives off light equivalent to a candle flame but will not go out. Requires both hands to keep lit. As a weapon, the bow is immune to twists concerning running out of arrows and requires no slot to carry a quiver.
Inventory: Hand/carried 2
Type: Magical weapon

A two-handed war club made from the shed limb of some elemental god.

Effect: A mighty weapon, the club adds +1 to the bearer’s order of might. Treat as a warhammer with the added ability that once per attack action, the wielder may summon an earthquake to knock down all non-airborne opponents, adding an impede effect to the attack action’s damage.
Inventory: Hand/carried 2
Type: Magical weapon

Hat of Prestidigitation
A conical hat of deep green felt. The bearer is able to reach into the hat and produce any simple item (ie: from the basic Gear list).

Effect: Make an arcanist test to produce any item from the gear list. Obstacle 1 plus the number of pack slots required by the item. Unlisted items or those items with no listed pack size may only be drawn as part of a twist.
Inventory: Head/worn 1, pack 1 — requires two free hands to use.
Type: Magical clothing

Cloak of Shadows
This fine cloak is made of shimmering gray fabric and on the surface appears to be of elven make. But unlike an elven cloak, pulling the hood up causes the wearer to vanish completely!

Effect: As an elven cloak when worn without its hood. With the hood up, no test is required to move unseen. Obstacle to detect the wearer is equal to the wearer’s Scout skill, 1/2 Will (if testing unskilled) or Nature (if elf or halfling).
Inventory: Torso/worn 1, pack 1
Type: Magical clothing