Darkness And Monsters

I recently started running torchbearer and we’re still grappling with the rules. I’ve searched the forum but can’t find a record of this question being before. Apologies if I’ve missed it.

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that monsters are not affected by darkness factors. Is this correct? Did I imagine it. I can see a comment that all areas underground are consider to be in darkness but that’s it.

If so does this mean that for example the ‘court room’ scene in house of three squires is taking place in total darkness before the PCs arrive?

Monsters aren’t really affected by any factors.

I believe the text says that characters need a light source when they’re underground. That doesnt mean all areas if the dungeon are without light sources.

P62 says: Underground, all areas are considered to be in total darkness
unless otherwise specifically noted.

And there are no notes of light in the courtroom I can see. Their is a brazier in the previous room though.

If places have light it detracts a bit from the need to manage light. Just trying to get a handle on it.

I don’t have the court room scene in front of me. But, in general, I’d assume that everything underground is in darkness unless it made no sense to me that it wouldn’t be lit. In which case, I’d assume the author just made a mistake and put in some torches or something.

Creatures that don’t live in darkness probably have light with them, but that doesn’t mean it covers the PCs adequately. Maybe someone is in dim light, others maybe not. I think establishing how the room is lit is completely within your purview as GM and should make sense to you.

That area is in dim light. Take a look at the map on page 168. Kobolds can see in the dark. The game assumes that most monsters can, but absolutely rely on your common sense and what works best for your world. If you think a monster should have trouble in darkness, apply the factors!

Wow. How did I miss that! Lighting rules on the map! Brilliant. Thank you.