Deciphering Kerrn Lifepaths

Hello to everybody!

This is my first post and I’m already asking for favors… I’m a Spaniard trying to elaborate an equivalent Kerrn accent for my Spaniard players. Problem is that I cannot start to think about that without knowing beforehand the correct translation of some Kerrn words… and the LPs are becoming my personal nightmare. Some of them are obvious and easy (Lktreek, Treffeek, Beeldah) but others are too cryptic for my current English level (Trawttuhl, Crao and many,many more…).

So if somebody could transcribe these words (even the obvious ones, perhaps I’m absolutely wrong about their meaning) without the Kerrn accent, I’ll be most grateful (what means no worldly reward, but a lot of good artha!).

So thank you for your time! I hope not to try your patiente :o

Hi grimnebulin and welcome!

I don’t have time to go through every lifepath, but I’m happy to help with the ones you note as giving you trouble.

Trawttuhl = Throttle. As his skills indicate, he’s a pilot.

Crao = Crew. He’s responsible for the grunt work.

Let us know which others you’re having trouble with!


P.S. If you don’t mind my asking, what’s your real name? We find using real names helps keep this a friendlier place.

Thank you very much for your answer! BTW, my name is Luis.

Here you have a list of kerrn words whose meaning I cannot ascertain:

-Fazia (kind of “father”?)
-Surge (I know the literal translation, but not the play on words, if any)
-Fhyakerrn (which I’m almost sure is the green and massive version of a Fireman, but…)
-The Ess- and Em- before “cheef”

As you can see, I’ve problems with almost every kerrn LP available!

I’m eager to start playing this game! Still a lot of reading before me…

Off the top of my head

Fazia = Father
Veps = weps = heavy weapon equipped soldier
Surge = Sarge = Sergeant
Fhyakerrn = Fireman
Vundrah= Wanderer
Yushiva = Student

Crao does not equal “crew.” Crao is pronounced Cr-“ow” as in I just punched you hard.

Also, I protest this thread! You’re giving away the secrets of the Omshiip! :wink:

Drei, Tsvigh, Eyns = 3, 2, 1 in German.

Sayaret and some others are Israeli/Mossad terms.

Mezz = Mess, as in Mess Hall, where you eat (it’s the cook).

Mezz = Mess. He’s your cook!

Sayeret = Sayeret (Hebrew for reconaissance force). He’s your commando.

Shayatet = Shayetet (as in Shayetet 13, Hebrew for Flotilla 13). This guy is your elite special forces commando.

Esscheef = Senior Chief.

Emcheef = Master Chief.

Thanx a lot! You have been most helpful! You are masters at Soothing Platitudes. Now I can proceed to delve into the mysteries of the Burning Wheel chapter.

(Well, if you want to put the finishing touchs to this thread, you can tell me about the Ay-Gänga, Verseeay and Surge LPs. I promise to devise such a heavy Kerrn-accent-for-the-Spaniard that my players will discover none of the Omshiip’s secrets :wink: )

The Kerrn accent is basically Arnold Schwarzenegger, circa Predator, if that helps any. :slight_smile:

Oh yes, that helps!

Much more than having called you “masters at soothing platitudes” :eek: before making the correct translation… Some things are too silly to happen after years of reading / translating rpg books in English.

Blame my brains: they are burned after several days of intensive reading of this game.

I think it was said before. Surge = Sarge, which is U.S. military Slang for Sergeant. The British may use that too, but I wouldn’t honestly don’t know. That slang might be unique to U.S. soldiers.

The others… I have no idea. I really do pity you because the Kerrn lifepaths are a headache for me… I don’t know how the hell you are doing it. :stuck_out_tongue:



Yes, Surge was said before… I missed it completely.

Ay-Gänga is “A” Ganger, which is US Navy slang for the crewmen who fix the non-military bits of ships - air conditioners and such. The A is for auxiliary.

Not sure about Verseeay, but I’m betting it’s the latter half of a real word for the guys in the engine room of a ship.

As regards to Verseeay, I suspect it might be Lavoisier (after Antoine), but I’m not going to stake any money on that.

Could Verseeay be Overseer?

Maybe, but I don’t think Overseer would fit for the skills and traits listed.

Fazia is polish bastarization of “fahza”.