Defending with no rolls left

I should have asked this last night at Dexcon when I would have had the definative source right there to answer. But I didn’t really think of it until this morning.

The (condensed) situation was that two characters were in an assault shuttle getting it active in a building scene. My character was outside tinkering with/manning a heavy laser, but with no rolls left to use. The two inside planned that (under some circumstances) they would take off w/o my character.

So, my question is. If they started taking off, is there anything my character could have done? Would he have been able to get a shot off at the departing shuttle?

What resulted was a much cooler outcome than the above would have been, but I’m still interested in the answer.

If the situation involves a versus test, then yes. If the situation involves you initiating actions to save yourself, then no.

So what did happen?

One PC snapping from the horrors of war with the Vaylen – his last link to a happier time revealed to be hulled and he couldn’t accept it. Two grenades in a small, crowded room ripping apart two PCs and any chance of getting away from hell. And the two soldiers in Iron walking back to the lines, to fit the heavy laser into position and await the next assault.

And I am so sorry… I was playing him, I really wanted to find another way out but I couldn’t think of how I could, and it wasn’t like the other PC were helping.

Don’t apologize, that was awesome!

I agree with Luke. That was great. We could have “won” by just accepting Bernar’s death. Must more fun for your guy to snap.